Waterproof plastic case

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This is a housing for electronic products, and the working environment is in water. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a very high flatness and a high-quality waterproof level.

The material used for this plastic part is ABS-758 Materials, When placing the sealing ring, use 10 copper nuts to fix the upper and lower shells. Guarantee that the electronic parts in the housing will not be damaged. The 10 piece copper nuts is overmold in plastic molding, The firmness of the plastic and copper nuts is guaranteed.

Of course, in order to save the cost, we use a nut jig to improve the injection cycle during the injection molding process.

This transparent shell has very strict requirements on its flatness and appearance. The working life in water is guaranteed to be more than 10 years.

This mold is our company’s production mold, It specializes in mold manufacturing and injection molding production of housings for household appliances.. The production capacity of this set of molds is 1000 pieces per day.

If you have similar products, Please do not hesitate to contact us. Chapman Maker will be your best partner.

  • USD: 1000
  • Product Detail

    Mould NO. CPM22-C2016
    Surface Finish Process High polishing
    Plastic Material ABS-758
    Part weight 30.6g
    Design Software UG
    Part size 102*61*12 mm
    Customized Customized
    Application Appliances
    Mould size 450 * 350 * 421mm


    Part Name Waterproof plastic case
    Mould Cavity 1+1
    Runner Banana gate
    Standard LKM
    Mould Material S136(HRC48-52)
    Mould Life Cycle 500,000
    Lead Time 37 days
    Mould Cycle Time: 46's
    Payment T T


    Application field

    The demand for waterproof technology on electronic devices continues to steadily increase. Not only is the degree of protection important to the developer of the technology, but it remains equally as important to the consumer as well. It is imperative that companies developing waterproof products deliver on their promise. ATEQ’s testing equipment is designed for use in many industries and applications, including testing to ensure product are waterproof, sealed properly, and capable of keeping dust out.

    Ingress protection testing tests the degree of protection an enclosure provides against intrusions. One such set of ingress protection tests involves immersing the equipment under test (EUT), in water. These tests are included in the Ingress Protection Code or IP Code ratings as IPX7 and IPX8.

    It is a competitive advantage to be able to say that their product is not damaged if it is submerged in water. The term water resistant is frequently used. This marketing push has forced engineers to get creative with the design of enclosures.

    What was once accepted is no longer the case. For decades, the expectation was that if an electronic product got wet, it would probably not work. Conventional wisdom stated that if an electronic product got submerged, it would definitely not work. Such is no longer the case.

    The Chapman Maker team can provide you with professional guidance and waterproof design advice. If you have similar product development, please feel free to contact Chapman Maker Company.

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