Storage basket

Short Description:

Material:This folding storage basket made of PP material, so it is very durable and steady. 

Product Size:The product size is 34*25.5*12.5cm and the unit weight is 470g,  4set product can be packaged with inner carton and the inner carton size is 26.6*10.4*35cm.

Product Detail

Exterior Color

It looks simple and fashionable, which can be matched with home decoration. And it comes in a variety of colors like white, blue, gray and so on,acctually, the color can be customized by customer’s requirement.

Space Use

It has a large storage space and can store clothes, books, toys and other items.


And its hollow-out design facilitates ventilation and prevents mold. Suitable for storing fruits and vegetables.

The smooth handheld design on both sides makes it labor-saving for carrying.

In addition, the top four corners protrude just to fit into the bottom groove, so that several baskets can be stacked for storage.

Folding Function

The highlight of this basket is that it can be folded for storage.

(Demo):As you can see, just open the buckles at the four corners, and put down the short and long panels on both sides respectively, then it becomes a thin board.

(Advantage):You can put it in the trunk or corner when it is unused, so it is easy to transport and doesn’t take up any space.

Its folding storage design can save space and make storage more convenient.

Folding storage basket is a good helper for your home storage. .


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